Terracotta 10.2 Release

Terracotta 10.2 release introduces key enterprise readiness features and analytical capabilities in Terracotta DB. With this release, Terracotta DB took a big leap forward to support cloud native deployments, security, and operational usability. Some of the notable features of Terracotta DB 10.2 include:

  • AWS as a supported platform for Terracotta DB
  • Terracotta DB now supports docker-based container orchestration using Kubernetes
  • Advanced support for resilient failover through improved “Failover-tuning” option
  • Resiliency support for improved re-connection for both Ehcache and TCStore clients
  • Security enhancements including SSL support for Encryption and Authentication
  • SQL-like query capability using new Terracotta Textual Query Language
  • Ad Hoc Query capability within Terracotta Management Console with new Terracotta DB Explorer
  • Numerous operational usability enhancements including Latency statistics and Query statistics monitoring

This release also includes enhancements to Terracotta Ehcache 10.2.

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