Terminate a batch


I want to stop a batch processing using terminate, but I do not want that the jcl
will get an error code (on every rc ne 0 we get a consloe alert).
How can I use terminate oper1, oper2 to end the process but the jcl will not cause an alert?

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Hi Hezi,
Have you tried “TERMINATE 0” or simply “TERMINATE”?

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Don’t understand the problem, TERMINATE allows you to specify a RC of 0 ?!?

Let me explain again:
jcl example
step 1. terminate 100
step 2. if rc = 100 then goto step 4/
step 3. what ever
step 4. send message.

Even that I got terminate 100 I do not want that my $mrc in the jcl will alert that as been an error.


Why do you check for a RC NE 0 then in the first place when you don’t
want it to trigger a message ?

Are there “valid” return codes you want to still cause a message to be sent ?

At any rate, you may want to check into using a   backend program

another approach: whatever you are calling for “send message” can probably be invoked from Natural with the CALL statement. So you don’t even need the return code.

Got your point.
I will try them both.