Templates or Accelerators in webMethods

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I would like to know if webMethods Integration offers any Templates or Accelerators (to accelerate vertical-specific app development / integration etc)?

I am asking it because in some other integration middlewares such Microsoft BizTalk server, various vertical specific Accelerators (e.g HL7, SWIFT, RosettaNet etc) are also offered.

I wanted to check with tech community if webMethods also offers/supports any Accelerators?

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I wouldn’t call them “Accelerators”, but yes there are a whole bunch of Cloud and On-premises adapters, connectors and modules.
You can also create your custom adapters using the Adapter Development Kit.

These SWIFT and other modules are B2B items, so you’ll find them with webMethods Trading Networks along with other eStandards such as EDI, EDIINT.

Look at the documentation site and you will get your answers (link).


Hi Ahmed,
yes there are, we have b2b add ons for all the standards that you mention. We also provide depending on the product different connectors for various different applications, services and products.

For instance our list of connectors is here online

list of adapters for on-premise applications (requires empower credentials)

list of supported B2B standards


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This has long been a gap in webMethods, the concept of Templates/Archetypes whereby standardised logic can be baked in for various scenarios reducing the effort required by developers, e.g. specifc logging and audit requirements, best practices etc. thereby reducing the entry level further so they can focus on configuration and mapping.

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