Temino XML Server

Dear All,

i am new in this community. I like to get some information related XBRL Database. I red an ariticle that Temino XML Server as XML database is good option to store the XBRL Files for archive and retrieval purpose.
Because i am new in this field. I have some questions that

  1. The data will reside on the server side, mean to say that the database will be in central server and customers will be connected with server and then will reterieve data through server or
  2. we will provide database into client side as well

If someone of you, help me in this regard. I will be very thankful to him.

Ajaz Janjua

Hi Ajaz,
Our prefessional services team in Denmark has created a solution for the Danish government for submittal of mandatory annual reports in XBRL.
The Tamino XML-server below this is a perfect match for any type of XML data - the more complex the better :wink:

ad 1+2) Data is stored on a central server and acceses via a portal.


read more in this PDF

Hello Finn,

Thank you very much for your kind reply and sorry for my late reply…

Can you please tell me that Tamino validation will also support XBRL Validation??



Hi Ajaz,
I’m not the expert here, but as far as I remember the validation of XBRL documents is not a xml schema validation, but is done against some “side-files” that contain the rules regarding sums/subtotals etc that the local XBRL authority have put together.

This requires an extra layer that our professional services people have implemented here in the Copenhagen office.

I would recommend that you contact your local SAG sales office and ask them so setup a contact.
regards Finn