TcpIp Listener is there anyone out there

Ok its most likly really simple but i am new so cut me some slack.
I have a very old legacy program which sends a stream over tcp/ip to another system which is listening.
The message is 100 or so chars.
This checks a flat file for stock information.
I know the format and would like to replace the listener with webMethods ( and then use the sap connector to get info direct from sap and cut out use of v. large flat file ) to recive this message convert it to a doc process and then return the edited message as stream to client via afformentioned tcp/ip connection. Simple really.

I think this would have to be some sort of adapter with fires a trigger on recieve. or is there a simpler way.

Anyone have a possible solution???


I don’t know of a built-in webMethods function that listens for messages on a socket. You could certainly write a java service to do this or find an open source utility that does so and invoke it from an IS java service after copying its jars to your server’s \lib\jars folder.

Others here may be able to give you more detailed ideas about how to go about creating an IS java service that listens for messages on a socket using the classes built into Java.



I am assuming here that you have IO adapter with you.
IO adapter read/write data to/for a file. Simlarly it read/write data across a socket connection.

So if you can send the data on a TCP/IP Socket where your adapter is loaded you can easly read/write the data.

I hope this helps