TaskInfo is null in webservice connector

Hi All,

I have a user task project created and I am using Task events like “Queued” , “Assigned”, Accepted".

In the case of Queued, when i am invoking webservice connector to execute an ESB service, TaskInfo document is getting passed and I am able to access the details.

But in the case of “Assigned” and “Accepted” events, taskInfo document has only one field called taskVersion=-1 and nothing else is available.

My requirement is to update the DB with the user who has accepted the task or in case of “Assigned” event, I want to update to which role the task is Assigned.

When i am trying to log the processInstanceID from ProcessData(which is also input to user task) in the action which is invoked on “Assigned” and “Accepted” events in RuleContext.java service, its getting logged. But when passed to webservice connector(Via DataBinding or explicitly), it is coming as null.

Could you please help me to tell why taskInfo or ProcessData documents are coming as null in case of “Accepted” or “Assigned” events in the invoked webservice connector?

Thank you!