Task Status - Waiting


I created a workflow in Fabric 7 SP2. I am able to start the workflow. After the first task is completed, if i login to the Administrator->Monitoring, the status of the next task is “Waiting” instead of queued. And when click on the detail button to view the Step information - the task link against Task Detail does not appear.

Can you please let me know what can be the cause of this?

Thanks a lot.

There may have been an error in the handshake between the Task Engine and the Process Engine.

I think that would indicate that ProcessRuntime for some reason was unable to queue a task for the second step of the process. But please double check this - if task link does not show up on the step details you could use Task List Management to try to locate this task (but likely that indeed it was not queued)

If task was not queued you could:

  • check process in the Designer that you have correct task type ID specified for the step and correct inputs and outputs

  • check Integration Server error log, if there is anything reported there

  • check generated services for the process step failing in the Developer. They should be named QueueTask, InputMapService and OutputMapService. You could even try to invoke them from the Developer it should queue a task for you.

we are stuck with the same issue, could any of you find any solution or workaround.


Another workaround for try - find and delete generated trigger for the process. Then re-generate process (it should re-create the trigger)