Task notifications and subscriptions management


We cannot seem to update task notifications and subscription on MWS. Each time we need to update their names for example, we end up having to delete and recreate them. Is this how the tool was designed? Also, we cannot search for them on MWS, are we missing something?

We would also like to customize how notifications are formatted on emails. We have tried to use CAF controls such as property groups and lines and subsequently settled on static rows and cells to try and make the data look nice but we’re not satisfied (please find screenshots attached). Email clients seem to not inherit Task Notification formatting

Kindly assist if you can.

TaskNotifications.docx (72.5 KB)

From what context are you updating task notifications and subscription on MWS? Maybe step-by-step repro steps would be useful to more completely understand the problem.

As always, if there are areas that you would like to be improved in documentation or functionality, then you can make a proposal in brainstorm @ https://empower.softwareag.com/Products/FeatureRequestsInBrainstorm/default.asp for consideration in a future release.

Regarding, email notifications: you may have noticed that many email clients are somewhat limited in the html that they will render due to security concerns. Most email clients won’t load external links to load CSS/images/javascript etc. So the html of the email needs to be simplified. Think web development circa 2000 and you’ll be fine. For example very simple html, with no javascript and inline CSS (and images). You can probably find some good resources on google regarding the best practices and restrictions for html email content.

I would recommend that you create your email body as a simple standalone html page to make sure it looks like you want and then use the “Include HTML” control to include the same into the content of your notification CAF view. Replace any static text in the html template with expressions if you need dynamic text output.