Task looping


Has anyone worked on a scenario where you have task routing back to the same person.

We have a scenario where :

Team1 can ‘approve’/ ‘reject’/ ‘escalate’/ ‘refer to TeamX’
On escalate : task will be routed to Team2
Team2 can ‘approve’/ ‘reject’/ ‘refer to TeamX’
On ‘refer to TeamX’ : task will be routed to TeamX
TeamX can add notes and reroute task who has redirected so he will reroute to Team2

Finally Team2 will approve it.

This looks simple but is difficult to show on orchestration layer(bpm layer) when it comes to show the progress graphically to the users.

Has anyone worked on this? help is very much appreciated.


After some consultation with architect, we came to conclusion that this cannot be orchestrated on BPM layer and can be shown as 1 step. The real progress will be shown on application layer.

sorry, I posted wrong message