Task application - set the default column for sorting in results

HI ,

We have a CAF application for which the users want to have preconfigured the default column for sorting.

They want that at each deployment of the task application, the settings put by the users are ignored and the sorting is done again by the defult defined column.

Do you know a solution for this issue?

Thank you for you support!

Diana Z.

The topic of resetting user preferences back to their defaults value has been asked by other customers as well.

A sample tool was created that demonstrates how an administrator can reset or change the value for user scoped preferences for any portlet in the system.

If you contact support and open an SR they can probably provide you with a copy of that tool. You can reference defect MWS-5726 to expedite the issue analysis for the support engineer.

Thank you for your support!

I have posted an incident on Empower.

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Diana Z.