target ack to the broker while subscribing.

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Let us have multiple IS that are connected to a single broker. Whenever someone publishes any document to broker is it possible to know which IS picked up the published data(subscription), considering we have access to only one IS through which we are publishing a document?

In the pub sub model in the subscribe side I came to know that “If client-side queuing is on, the reader will store its documents to a trigger store on disk (as well as in memory) and then release its thread. If the documents are guaranteed, the Integration Server returns an acknowledgment to the Broker at this time.” So if we can know the type of returned acknowledgment we will be able to know which IS has subscribed our data…

Here I dont know the returned type of ack doc and also dont know if it is published to the broker or any message is sent to the broker Admin. Please help.

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The document type is Adapter::ack.

Are you trying to return to the publisher which IS processed a published a document? If this is important, perhaps pub/sub isn’t the right model to be using. Can you share additional details?

hey reamon,
you got my question right.thanks.

I tried the following steps.

1)Took pub.publish:envelope documnent in my package and made it publishable.

2)Published the publishabe doc to the broker and waited for reply(thinking will be getting the reply through envelope i made publishable.

3)I know about the Adapter::error which gets auto published if you get any error in adapter.

Please let me know how this can be achieved using Adapter::ack.


It cannot, AFAIK.

I think you’re trying to get system internal things won’t do what you need.

The pub/sub model is such that the publisher is not supposed to know about nor care about the specific subscribers.

If you want a specific acknowledgment to your published doc, then perhaps a request/reply model would be better. Have the subscriber respond with your doc type (not the system ack) to provide whatever data you want.

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