Multipule IS acts on single Broker

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Can you give the idea,
How multipule IS acts as single Broker and how to share the same document to both IS?
PLZ give me explanation…


Clustering concept helps on this…


yes we can connect multiple IS to the same broker.
go to IS Admin-> settings-> messaging-> broker settings-> edit broker settings giving host name, port, broker name and all other details.
same for 2nd IS too.
In this way documents on the broker can be shared by both the IS’s , Infact any no of IS’s.

hope this clarification is enough

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Hi niceguyrav,

 I have small problem:
       Files coming from source system,some times it recive huge files at that time adapternot not support that files and stop process. How to handle the huge files.

PLZ give me any idea…


we need to do large file handling for large files, i.e processing them in chunks and not at one go.
can u please elaborate what exactly u r trying to do?


There are number of ways with which you can solve your issue …

provide more info on some points below.

how r u getting data from source systems … (like fetching from DB or getting a file in FTP folder) …

what type of data it is … flat file, xml etc …

based on this design can be created to handle large files …

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I am getting the file in flat files. I am getting a file in FTP
can you PLZ give me Idea…:slight_smile:

whats your target system here …
how big/large the file is …

Try using pub.flatFile:convertToValues with iterate option true in a repeat.
keep on looping till ffiterator is null.

code should be something like below

Repeat (Success)
your adapter service
Branch on ffiterator
$null:exit loop

hope this works good for u…


do u want to submit whole file from source to target using adapter at once… if yes then we need to look for other approach …

if not then use niceguyrav approach … thats large flatfiles handling approach …

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ok thank you for All…:smile:

I want to submit whole file from source to target using adapter at once. can you PLZ give me solution…

if u have to insert using adapter and that adapter is not handling such large data then i don’t think that u can insert at one go…anyway me not very sure about this will try to figure it out. if get any solution please share .

I am conver Flatfile into database( mean: store tha flatfile data into database) but how to handle douplicate records.
I run the program twotimes same data store into the database repeatedly, how to handle this duplicate data store into DB.

ename id sal
Ram 1001 7000
Pavan 1002 6000
Ram 1001 7000
Pavan 1002 6000


can U PLZ give any one Idea…:sad: