TaminoResult methods returning null

Hello All,
I am executing a query unsing http client for Java. I am getting the Elements in result , but version , collection, doc type etc is returing as null.Please have a look at the code:
TaminoResult tr = tamino.query(“//patient[//firstname ~= ‘Fred’]”, “Hospital”);
String version_number = tr. getVersion() ;
String collection_name = tr.getCollection();
String doctype_name = tr.getDocType();

System.out.println("version_number: "+ version_number);
System.out.println("collection_name: "+ collection_name);
System.out.println("doctype_name: "+ doctype_name);
String var_QI_InoID = tr.getInoId();
System.out.println("Fred: Ino ID: "+ var_QI_InoID);

all above displays are showing nulls output.
Record is there in database and I am able to display that…

but the ino ID, version ,doctype etc are showing null


PLease help .
thanks & regards

According to the documentation…


return values from the results ino:object element.
This isn’t present in a query result document. It is present in a insert/update result document.

getVersion works fine.