Hi All,
I downloaded ino2314r3_starter.zip and installed it, to query from Java application I need to have TaminoClient.jar which is missing in this downloaded files.
Can someone please tell me that from where I can get this jar file.
thanks in anticipation

Hi Alok,

I did request information about ino2314r3_starter.zip and here is the answer from development:

"The Taminoclient.jar is part of the starter kit. When installing with typical setuptype, TaminoClient.jar is installed in the directory “…\Tamino\Sdk\JavaDOM API”.
Since TaminoClient.jar is part of the SDK it depends on the license file if the SDK components are installed."

Please checkout your installation carefully, if you can’t find the file or reinstall with other options.

Best regards,
Christian Gengenbach
Teamleader Tamino X-Tools DB-Interfaces
Software AG - Product Development

Thanks Christian,

Thanks Christian, I could locate it now.Anyways Niegel had already made a package similat to this, available in this forum , so I was using that.
thanks for help