Tamino on Solaris

Hi everybody,

I have installed,Tamino on Solaris and at the moment all works fine.
Now the problem is to restore a db from a backup of a db created on Windows 2000.
Tamino doesn’t authorize this procedure.
Do you know if there is a way to performe this step ?
Can I create a database and use it for different platforms ?

kind regards


The quick answer to this question is no. The main reason is that the Tamino database contains many complex structures (as you can imagine) and these are stored in the byte order of the processor that the operating system runs on. This means that Sparc and Intel are byteswapped from each other. The checking that is performed by the backup means that trying this won’t work.

I’m not sure how far the backup checks things but in theory it would be possible to take a backup and restore it onto a different machine of a different processor type and restore it if the byte order was the same. Just a thought! But Software AG will (correctly) say this is not supported.