Tamino: Mapping to multiple Adabas files from one doctype

Hi all,

is it possible to map from one doctype to two different Adabas files? If so,
how? How are queries handled in this case? As fas as I see, XPath
queries are used to select data from the mapped Adabas file, but in case of
two mapped files in one doctype I don’t know how this should work - if it
works at all. Like: Query only selects data from one file, which records get mixed in from the other file - all of them?

Any help appreciated,

I would suggest this will not work and the reason is that if you define a schema with two Adabas files - how would Tamino join them together? I can’t see how when you cannot specify a query to specify the “join”. The result is that the returning document is two disjoined Adabas records.

I would certainly define two doctypes: one for each Adabas file and query each independantly and perform the “joining” on the application side.

Unless someone knows a clever way to do this??