Tamino hangs / freezes - urgent help required


I need urgent help with what seems to be a Tamino problem. Any help would be appreciated!

Our application is using JBOSS 3.2.3, Tamino but the data contained in Tamino is in version Any writes from java to Tamino are in version

The problem I encounter is that Tamino sometimes hangs when used via our application. However, when it hangs I execute the query Tamino is hanging on by going to the Tamino Interactive Interface, and in this case the results are returned.

The Java code line it hangs on is: response = accessor.query( query );
where accessor is :
TXMLObjectAccessor accessor = m_conn.newXMLObjectAccessor(
objectModel );

I think the problem is related to where the particular data being passed/retrieved from tamino is in a list of other data. As in our case, Tamino particularly hangs if a node within our XML starts with ‘utilities’, if this node is renamed to ‘abcd’ then the same set of data works fine. Does Tamino hang retrieving data if data in a previous ino:id is somehow corrupted?

Sorry if the information is not complete or not explained well. I will try and add some logs to this. In the meantime please let me know what other information from Tamino or otherwise would be useful to know.

Much appreciated.