Tamino / Forte module available for download

Hello Everyone,

this is a cross-post to announce the availability of a module bringing Tamino to the Forte IDE.
(There is a forum dedicated to the module: http://tamino.forums.softwareag.com/)

The module installs Tamino X-Application (beta version 0.5) into Forte, adding it to the “Tools” menu.
A small GUI window is used to gather the parameters for the X-Application Generator.

The generated application can then be executed from inside Forte (without any Tomcat configuration - Forte has an internal Tomcat which it auto-configures).
Forte has a JSP editor mode, so the generated pages can be modified inside Forte - and reloaded into Tomcat if necesary.

The module is available via the Forte Update Center (the module is in “Partner Modules”), and via Flashline: http://www.flashline.com/components/view.jsp?&prodid=4307&page=1

The downloadable version supports Tamino 2.3, but a version for Tamino 3.1 is available on request. (This version uses Tamino X-Application
Please send an e-mail to info@sagalliance.com to request this module.

A Sales Kit for the module is available on the Global Alliances intranet: http://global-all.software-ag.de/Partners/SUN/Tamino_For_Forte_SalesKit.htm
The kit includes numerous useful pieces of collateral which will help you to leverage the Tamino / Forte module as a sales device and a technical resource.

Please take a look.