Tamino EJB-API via the JCA

The currently avalaible API for Application using the EJB-technology is via a Tamino JDBC-driver.
In J2EE 1.3, the JCA is available to integrate also ‘legacy’ Database systems.
Is it planned to access the Tamino Database over this new JCA architecture via the CCI Interface.
And if, when will it be released?

Thanks in advance


we are working on a JCA Connector for Tamino to replace the JDBC-based support of EJBs. A JCA Connector allows us to integrate in a much cleaner way. A JCA connector can also be used in other environments that provide support for the Connector Architecture.

We also work on a CCI implementation, but that is somewhat problematic as the CCI specification doesn’t have XML support. The next JCA spec will introduce this, so we intend to have a close look at that as soon as it is available.

We don’t have a fxed date for delivery yet, but we intend to make the JCA connector available via the community sometime early summer.

Have you looked into the BEA implementation of JCA within the WebLogic Integration product? This is an extension to the current JCA that supports both XML integration,meta-data browsing and async support. Have you considered implementing the JCA integration using this framework ADK? I could see many benefits to this and also it would validate that Tamino is acknowledges the open JCA implementation.

No, we have not in detail yet. We just started to try our prototype JCA connector out on WebLogic. Thanks for the hint. We will have a more detailed look.