Tamino Data Loader - Problem with entity specification


I am using Tamino 4.1.1 and want to load Data with the Data Loader (using the GUI in Tamino Manager).

I have to specify 96 XML entities. If I insert the full specification at the beginning of the document, I recieve an error message (something like “Invalid document, ino:request not found”).

If I just specify a few entities, everything works fine.

Is the number of possible specifications limited?

Could anybody help me?

I attach three files:
1. my schema definition
2. a bad XML file (with full specification)
3. a good XML file (with one specification)

Thanks in advance.

Thorsten (NSDB)
error_data-loader.zip (4.5 KB)

Hello Thorsten,

both your inputfiles are somewhat “illegal”.
The correct way to have DOCTYPE declarations in a Data Loader inputfile is to wrap them:

... your DOCTYPE declaration ...

and put that wrapper into each document that references these XML entities, i.e. after the ino:object wrapper before the root element .
There is currently no way, I know of, to specify the XML entities (the DOCTYPE decl) globally.

All the best,

Hello Hermann,

thank you very much for your soon answer.

I changed my XML file, but unfortunately it does not work.

I attach my new XML file. Could you help me a second time and tell me what I did wrong?

I have one further question. When I put the wrapper to each document, can I include into the wrapper the whole DOCTYPE declaration or may it just contain the XML entities, that are referenced by the actual document?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards
dblp_new.xml (1.2 KB)

Hello Thorsten,

There is nothing wrong with your data.
I loaded your changed file without problems (albeit against v4.1.2) with a “normal” process command from the Tamino Interactive Interface. (The PROCESS command understands Data Loader syntax).
It loaded with Data Loader too after I had corrected your schema (collection and doctype were missing in the schemainfo), so that the schema define succeeded.
So what’s your problem now ?

As to your 2nd question: I would make one wrapper with all the DOCTYPE declarations to include in the documents.

All the best,

Hello Hermann,

thank you for yor reply.

When I try to load the new XML file (which I loaded up yesterday) I recieve the error message “INOXDE7935: Schema not found”.

It is the same with the Data Loader GUI within the Tamino Manager and the Interactive Interface.

Do you know a solution for my problem?

Thanks again.

Best regards