Tamino Client: Connection Through HTML Proxy

After setting the appropriate system properties ( according to the Java 1.3.1 API ) for proxy server use with a URLConnection, the Tamino client gives an error indicating ;‘503: Connection Refused’; ANyone ever connect through a proxy server to the Tamino database before?

Tamino 3.1.1, Apache 1.3.20, Linux 7.2, using the TaminoClient code instead of the Tamino API for Java,

Thanks in advance :confused:

Little more detail, what exactly your are trying to do…some info abt your environment.
Is that you have a LAN and Tamino is installed in some other machine and you are trying to access from program sitting on other maching thru’ proxy?

Application is inside a firewall, using an HTML proxy server. The Database is outside the firewall. The application is trying to connect to the database using the TaminoClient and getting a 503 error. Client is Win2K, database is Linux (Tamino 3.1.1) Database is across the internet. What other info would help?