Tamino Client Browser

This version of the Java API, which supports DOM 1.0 and DOM 2.0 parsers and jaxp 1.1 plugability, has been extended to provide the alternative of SAX 2.0 events and xml streams from Tamino, and equivalent methods that accept xml streams back to Tamino, as well as some new methods to retrieve database meta-data and provide xlink support.

The DomApiClient is a demonstration application of the API and includes browsing a tamino database, full editing and creation of xml documents and updating the documents to the Tamino database and it allows switching parser implementations, session transactions etc.

The attached jar file contains the extended dom2 java API with documentation, the dom1/dom2 DomApiClient application and both docuverse and xerces parsers, so it is self contained.

It is only necessary to save the attached DomApiClient.jar file to a folder and the application will run from a command line with the command
java -jar DomApiClient.jar

There is no need to unzip the file. If the environment is set accordingly, the application will also run by double-clicking the jar file, although in this case no command window will be available to see any message outputs.
DomApiClient3.jar (1.51 MB)