Tamino and Fortran buffer

I have a client that has built its entire enterprise in Fortran. They use a Fortran buffer to interface with the outside world via packing and unpacking. Does Tamino support the Fortran buffer structure? How? Are there any other alternatives. Could they write a C or Java application to communicate to Tamino and pass control over to the Fortran buffer?

No It doesn’t as far as I know.

I don’t think it would be impossible to do. Does Fortan still work on 8Bit characters? My last encounter with Fortran was an interface to a Siemens DB in Fortran 77 in 1983 -so I’m abit Rusty - I don’t even have the Manual.

We could do it one two ways - build a interface so that Fortan calls tamino and there is a layer in between that translates - or a contorlling program calls Tamino formats the data into lines (like Card input) maybe in a file and then tells Fortran to process that file.

What is the data like?


Nigel Hutchison

I suppose this is Fortran on NT? How “liberal” is this Fortran. Fortran on OpenVMS was quite “generous”. Are you able to perform HTTP from this Fortran? Failing that HTTP <-> Tamino from C is a possibility.