Take file from Disk and send to client folder

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Need you Help…I m new in webmethod I need to create task.

I have to take file from my disk and need to put it in to client server folder by FTP …

Please let us know about this ASAP…:confused:

Please give me flow deatils related to above question please…

can any one plz give the light on the above question…
It will really help me lot…


In Short. You need to use pub.file:getFile to retrieve file from your location and pub.client.ftp:put to put file on your client location.
Do you already a FTP service or is it something you need to build?. And also curious as to why you want to move a file that exists on your local machine?

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Thanks for you reply …
FTP in not configure in my IS …
Is there any PDF that give the info about FTP configuration …?

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I wanted to get the weekly memory statistics of WM. Anyone knows, how to get the memory utilization statistics based on the date criteria.

No, There is no straight forward doc that walks you thru as to how to achieve FTP in webM. At least one i am familiar of.
But if you know the basic FTP commands like lcd,put,mput etc . Then you can refer to services in pub.client.ftp folder . Also refer to corresponding doc - IS built in services guide for additional details.

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Yes it is. FTP is supported out-of-the box. Refer to the built-in services reference for how to read files that are on a drive of the machine where IS is installed and how send data using FTP. Anil provided the right services for you to review.

You should have used a new thread for this question. So people have better visibility.

Anyways, To answer your question. You have to write a scheduled custom service that calls ‘wm.server.query:getStats’ service and writes the output to a file.
Code your service such that the file is created on a weekly basis such that stats for that week will be written/appended in the file for that week.

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