Tabbing inside a table does not work with multiple rows


I have set up tab-index properly for the input-controls inside an async table.

When creating the first row, the tabbing works fine going from the first column to the last inside the row.

When creating additional rows, the tabbing first jumps down to the first column of all rows before jumping to the next column

If I dont have tab-indexes set, the tabbing stops on the column control? before jumping to the input-control inside. The only way to get rid of this behaviour is to set tab-indexes.

Is there a solution for this?



Hi Eric,
How did you add the tab index for your controls? Did you add a fixed number?
If you set the “Tab Index” property to 0, the tab will be going from left to right through the controls in your table, and jump at the end of the row to the first control in the next row. If you set it to “-1”, then you will remove the control from the tab sequence.

hope this helps