System threads increasing.

Recently we see Integration server system thread increasing graciously from 200 to 2000, untill we have to restart the IS. When i click the system thread link i see lot of system thread named

“SpecDictionary com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.spec.dictionary.OneworldSpecDictionary@11576b54 garbage collector”,

We are using enterprise One JDE adapter in our interface. Does anyone have any hint for above system thread and why is it not getting released.



What version of IS is this happening on? what is the CPU Utlization when this issue is happening? If you go in to the service usage area on the IS ADmin page, do you see any services running continously or hung?


Sorry for the late reply.

The issue was with Enterprise One adapter. Business function calls to JD Edwards were creating the threads and were not released. SAG Advised us to upgrade to latest patch for this adapter.

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