System settings configuration error in MyWebemthods 7.0


I installed MyWebmethods Server 7.0 on my machine and when i try to configure the System Settings i got the following error:
[POP.003.0034] administrator cannot update the properties of wm_bam_ws_config.

Does anyone know why i cannot use Administrator to configure the System Settings ?


We have had similar issues in the past, but it is unlikely that this is related. The previous issues were related to MWS changes that happened in the middle of a release, but I can’t find any ocurrances of this type of issue for a final build / customer install. For insance, in Trax 1-1IUYZM, Alex mentions that it was caused by aliases of security realms in fabric portlets that had changed. This doesn’t sound like a possible scenario for this customer.

A workaround would be to log in as sysadmin - this will solve your problems for the short term, but I know that’s not a feasible long term solution.


Hi Mark

How to navigate to system settings, when we log in as sysadmin.

Thanks in advance