Why does System.out.println will not work in java service?

What do you mean when you say “it will not work” ? No output in the server.log (the same when you call debugLog) ?

When you call the System.out.println in java, it prints the string to the standard output. It’s independent of the file the debugLog uses.
So if you want to retrieve the string, redirect the output when you launch your server.{sh|bat}

[....]/ >> whatyouwant.log


thanks for the reply…

I’m not able to view the output in server.log file…what might be the reason?

And when i run java service containing System.out.println, it is taking more time to execute. Y does simple java service containing println is taking more time?

What are you using System.out.println for? As Arnaud mentioned, it will be written to stdout by default. Depending upon your environment and how the JVM is started may be to “nowhere.”