System cannot find the specified file -- WSDL

Hi All,
One of our partners gave us a WSDL file and I am trying to create a webservice connector from it. But when i select the WSDL file and click finish, the developer pops out an error message

ITD.0012.0012] Error occurred while creating Web Service Connector

[ITU.0001.0003] The system cannot find the specified file.

Is there some issue with the WSDL file?

Any kind of help is always appreciated!

Does the WSDL include another file, such as an XSD?

Yes, it does mention a schema location in the WSDL. So what do i do in such a situation. Do i have to import the schema first and then create a connector?

There are a number of ways.

  • Merge the XSD and the WSDL into a single file.
  • Place the XSD in the path that is specified by the WSDL.
  • Modify the WSDL to specify a path where you put the XSD.

If there are multiple imports, do the same for each.

thanks for you reply. I tried the first option of merging the WSDL and XSD, but that isnt work. It still throws me the same error. If i merge them, Do i name that file as .XSD or .wsdl?

You may need to search the web for intro material on WSDLs so that you can take the appropriate action.

If you merge them (which probably isn’t the best option–bullet 3 is probably the better choice) then you’d get rid of the import statement.

In addition to what Rob mentioned above try the below steps and see if it works,

  1. Download the xsd’s and the WSDL to your local machine and copy them to the package/resources directory.

  2. Remove the URI references of the schema in the WSDL and change it to a file location using the “file:///”


<xsd:import namespace=“http://US.Gov/” schemaLocation=“file:///D:/SoftwareAG/IntegrationServer/packages/packageName/resources/po.xsd”/>

  1. Repeat the steps for all the schema imports and then validate the WSDL in eclipse and make sure it is a valid WSDL.

  2. Import the WSDL in the Developer and see if it creates all the artifacts.


  1. You will have to edit the WSDL, it means you take the ownership of the client WSDL and the pains to maintain the versions of it.
  2. If there is a change in the schema’s, you will have to re-import the xsd’s and repeat the above steps. In other words there will be multiple places where the WSDL and the xsd’s will have to be maintained.