SYSERR in WindowsXP

Hey bloguers&Programmers, i’m trying to work with the syserr utiliy, and i have defined my own error messages, i store them in a library and in mi machine with natural studio, it works great, i mean, i’m development with dialog elements, i have to create a subprogram that i call in the error event of every dialog and this subprogram uses the USR0020N and USR2009N apis to obtain the short and long part of the text.
The problem is when i run the program in the client machines with natural runtime, for some reason the message is not displayed, i provoque an error in mi aplication like a incorrect data in some input field i validate it and the subprogram make all the thins have to do, when display the error (or message from my errors user defined) it don’t display anithing. Some one can help me ? :shock:

Windows XP sp2
Natural studio 6.1.1
I have 5 libraryes in the steplibs, in one of this libraryes y have defined my messages and my subprogram.
i’m working with dialogs.

thanks for your help. :lol:

How are you transferring your application to the client machine(s) ?

Any chance you forgot to transfer the user messages ?