Is anyone using the SYSBPM Method=N (rather than default method S)?

Did you see CPU benefits by making the change?

What size buffer pool do you run with method N?



I am interested in changing this option as well, does anyone know the benefits?

What would be cheaper?

a) Identifying the objects calculating the age or
b) Searching if exist any space available in the BP, even if I need to search in whole the BP?
c) According to the manual, METHOD=N would be recommended to be used with Large BP, what would be large? 20MB?..



I have defined GBP with 30MB and CACHE 15MB, and also I have noticed that some information such as WRAP time and CYCLE has been increasing, especially if I don’t refresh GBP.

I think if the values are increasing, I don’t know if it would be better to return to the original - METHOD=S, even though the manual says: if the GBP is big, METHOD=N is better to be used. (at this moment, I cannot incrrease GBP).

Does anyone have any experience?


PS: I had made a question about CACHE textrecord size, but nobody answered, and I see no information about it, so, I am assuming that there is no possible to change this value. Does anyone have information about it?