Natural Buffer Pool with NAT v414

I am about to migrate my production environment to NATURAL v414. In the Buffer Pool Parms I see “Method”. I don’t think this existed with v316. I intend to use the Buffer Pool Cache, and the documentation says that METHOD=N can be used with the cache. Is this the recommended combination? Any experience or recommendations appreciated. :smiley:
Richard Bryan, DBA
Austin American-Statesman
ADA v743
NAT v414
PRD v441
NOC v414

According to the documentation: :lol:

:arrow: Therefore the answer is : Yes, especially if the buffer pool is large.

Thank you for your response. However, your web site link did not work for me. This documentation you quoted is not in the documentation delivered with the product, is it?

Of course, this begs the typical questioin, "What is LARGE? :?

I decided to go with the METHOD=N because I did intend to use the BUFFER POOL CACHE.

Again, Thank you for your reply.
Richard Bryan, The Only DBa

The extranet link for the above is

Sorry for pasting the wrong link. My link points to an internal SL24. :oops:
We are going to provide the Natural documentation to the Community very soon. :smiley: I am sure this will help many people.

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