Synchronous communication over http


When you send a http to your IS, I know IS sends back a 200 message. Is it possible to add an xml to this message? Or tell the IS to wait untill the xml is ready and then send it back together with the 200 message?

What we want is thus a synchronous communication over http.

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You should try using the “pub.flow:setResponse” service. This service helps you to send a XML message (synchronously) as a part of the HTTP response.

Yes, it is possible. Just in the service that handles your http request use the pub.flow:setResponse built-in service. The service will do the job. See the manual for details.

Also, be aware that IS will by default, send back an xml nicely formatted into an html table, based on the contents you leave in the pipeline. The IS uses a default template. (At least in WM 4.6)

You can create your own template that returns xml based on the contents of a specific record(s). The response goes out based on the contents of the pipeline after the last step within your flow has completed.