Sync GitHub Issue to Atlassian JIRA Issue


This article describes a business use case to sync the issue created in GitHub to the issue in Atlassian JIRA.


  • User should have a working Integration tenant.

  • User should have a working GitHub and JIRA account.


  1. Login to Integration tenant and create a Workflow.

  2. Click the Settings and search for GitHub trigger from the available list of triggers.

  3. Select New Issue from the list of Select Trigger options. Authorize GitHub by either default or manual configuration, then select the Repository Name.

  4. Click Save, skip testing the trigger for now, then click Done.

  5. Drag and drop the Atlassian JIRA connector to the workflow palette.

  6. Double click on the JIRA connector icon in the workflow palette to configure the action.

  7. In the action configuration screen, click the + under Select Action to create a custom action.

  8. Select authentication type and connect to the Atlassian JIRA by providing the necessary credentials.

  9. Provide a name to the custom action, then select JIRA Platform as the functional area

  10. Select Create Issue or Subtask as the operation and task (for a specific project) as the business object. Then, select the required data fields.

  11. Click Next, then Done.

  12. Once the custom action is created, click Next.

  13. Map the appropriate fields from the GitHub trigger to the JIRA connector fields.

  14. Click Next, then Done. Save the workflow.

  15. Now, create a new issue in the GitHub. Use the same repository selected in step 3.

  16. Soon the issue is submitted the workflow will execute.

  17. Now check the Atlassian JIRA account for the same issue created.