"&" symbol in xql-query

I’ve got a cgi-program which ist connected to my Tamino-Database as a HTTP-Client. Now I want to send a query like:

LOB[LOBName=“Business & Consumers”]

in the cgi-Program.

If I send this query in the Tamino Interactive Interface i’ve got no problems. But in the cgi-program the answer of tamino is:
xql:queryLOB[LOBName="Business </xql:query>

Missing end quotation character

How can I use a “&” in a query in Tamino?

You have to escape the “&“

The reason is that ‘&’ is a parameter separator in the ? part of URLs or in the POST body.

So you would have to write %xx where xx is the hex value of the ‘&’ character codepoint
In general

In Jscript you can call the routine escape to escape parameter values like queries.

You can call it form Visual Script also.

Like this
var escapedQuery = escape(‘LOB[LOBName=“Business & Consumers”]’);

I don’t know what language you are using in your CGI program - If it is Perl then
$query=~s/([^a-zA-Z0-9_.-])/uc sprintf(”%%%02x”,ord($1))/eg;
will do the right thing.(believe it or not :slight_smile: )
CGI.PM has a support routine somewhere.

In java there is a routine that does the same thing and so do most cgi function support libraries I’ve seen.

However this algorthim won’t work on UTF-8
with characters greater that “7F” - at least not with the current version of Tamino.

If you use the Tamino DOM APIs to talk to Tamino this work is all done for you.