SVN repository + 2 IS servers

Hi All,
Currently we are facing issues when we are trying to connect 2 IS servers to 1 SVN repository.
The issues is when one developer checks out the code in designer, the other developer should not be able to checkout the same flow service, basically the locking capability is not present.

Has any body configured locking in SVN?


What is the error you are seeing while locking?

Is it only happening any package/service or just specific?


Is this the 1st time you are using SVN ?
Also which version of wM you are using …

I will add few more questions :slight_smile:

is it local service development i.e. workstation designer?
are you using WmVCS package?

Hi All,

Sorry for late response:

Background: We have integrated designer with SVN.! integration server to SVN repository the set-up is working fine.

Scenario > When we have 2 IS connected to same SVN repository:

  1. Developer A checks-out a service1 in package XYZ & is making changes.
  2. Developer B also can check-out the service1 in package XYZ (as the designer locking feature is disabled).
    Ideally the Developer B should be prompted that Developer A has already checked out the code.
  3. Developer B makes the changes but cannot check in the code.
  4. Developer A can check-in, as he had first checked out the service1.

Looking to have the designer like locking feature while using SVN, so that the developers do not work parallely on same service.

Your valuable suggestions are highly appreciated.


Can you also raise a ticket to SAG and check what they say. In b/w we will see what others say on this.


Okay so i don’t have any workstation with SVN setup at this moment. so i am just gonna give some suggestions.

First check your workspace if it set to local or remote (server)
second under windows - preference - team - svn - check if there is any settings for default check out.

and the problem of second developer not able to check in. as far as i know that is dependent on SVN server and plugin. please check your SVN server policy as server should be able to resolve conflict and give option to merge code.

Again i don’t have any SVN configured at moment so i may be totally wrong.

Check out documents at this link