Survey on Explicability in Process Mining

Survey on Explicability in Process Mining Consultancy

Hey everyone! I am an industrial PhD candidate and my thesis is centered on explainable AI for Process Mining.

If anyone here had previous experience with ARIS or similar process mining vendors during a consultancy project, it would be beneficial if you would take an online research questionnaire on this topic.

As a way to pay back your participation (it should take no more than 10-15min), you will be granted access to further insights on explicability strategies through the forthcoming scientific research article plus the chance to participate in online focus groups.

If you are interested, you can contact me at and I will provide you with the access link.

Thanks for your attention!

Hi Luca,

I’d suggest to post that to ARIS BPM Community ( as there you’ll find more ARIS experts.

Hey Toni,

thank You for the kind recommendation - I will proceed to post there too!