Software AG ARIS Integration with Microsoft Technologies

Digital transformation is remodeling the business landscape as organizations continue to invest heavily in creating and enhancing the business processes and models to meet the market requirements. While this transformation is remarkable, it is imperative to focus on simple solutions as achieving efficient adoption of complex solutions on a larger scale is challenging.

Recently, we have seen accelerated adoption of Microsoft Teams in the IT industry.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • Ability to access a complex business process or a model or solution on Microsoft Teams while attending daily meetings.
  • Ability to access a complex solution on simple Microsoft Teams with no prior product knowledge or training.

An interesting use case is Integration of Software AG ARIS with Microsoft Teams using PowerApps, Power Automate & Microsoft Azure.


For more than two decades, ARIS has been the leading business process analysis (BPA) and management software solution for organizations seeking to embrace digital transformation. Want to learn more? ARIS

Microsoft PowerApps is a tool that allows users to create custom applications and leverage multiple features of the Office 365 and Microsoft platform. The applications can be accessed via mobile devices or web browsers and can be added to Microsoft Teams for any channel. With various security measures in place, users with channel permissions can access these apps as well.

Let us look at some of the use cases we have considered for POC

The Microsoft Teams App home screen

Use Case 1 – Database and Models

We can use the ARIS APIs to fetch all databases in a specific instance or fetch specific process models. Search can be initiated from the PowerApps and based on the search criteria, PowerAutomate can invoke ARIS APIs and share the results back with PowerApps.

Further, data returned from APIs can be processed before displayed to the user. For e.g. when the API returns a model PNG, it returns in Base64 format. It has to be converted before displayed to the user.

API to return all databases - {{baseUrl}}/API/databases?pagesize=&pagetoken=

API to return model as PNG - {{baseUrl}}/API/models/:dbName/:modelID/graphic

More API related details can be found here – https://{your ARIS instance>}/apidocs

Use Case 2 – Voice based Search
Voice processing capabilities can be integrated with ARIS to setup a voice search for ARIS. Search can be initiated from the PowerApps by recording the voice. This voice will be processed using Azure functions and Speech Cognitive services to convert voice to text. Further, this text will be used to invoke corresponding APIs in ARIS and fetch the required content and provide the results to user.

Use Case 3 – Employee Onboarding
This is a simple use case for demonstration where we are considering employee onboarding process of a company. The new employee can fetch the process model, go through the model, and then upload their photo for confirmation which will be saved to the company SharePoint. We can also embed a video explaining the model which can be accessed by the new employee.

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