Suppress SOAP Authentication

The following is the problem I have:
1- A WSDL was created as Provider for two Flow Services.
2- The WSDL was given to a third party for creating a Axis Rampart client running on Tomcat.
3- The third party did not implement any authentication in the SOAP call i.e no user name or password in the Basic Authentication is set in the SOAP Header.
4- When the client calls the webMethods service an error is received in the client stating that Basic Authentication failed as no user/password was provided. I will mention the exact error tomorrow.

The question is :
How can I suppress Authentication in webMethods so that the java clent is able to make the SOAP call and get a response.

I have tried setting the flow services execute ACL to Anonymous, however that didnt work. Do I need to edit the policy files in IntegrationServer/config/policy folder?

I’m using webMethods 8.2.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help.

I resolved the issue by setting the ACL of the webService Connector to Anonymous.
The client is able to call the IS services fine now.