supported load balancing software

we currently have 2 8.0 IS (clustered) and one broker which works well for us in terms of message processing/handling. but not in terms of HTTP/S requests. We would like to put a generic load balancer in front of our IS servers so we have that kind of redundancy.
For this reason our environment is mixed. active/active when it comes to broker interaction. but in terms of HTTP/S requests only one server handles them.

is there any free load balancing software that webMethods is OK with? or has certified with other clients?

any help is greatly appreciated.


AFAIK, wM does not provide any recommendations or certification for a load balancer. Apache with an extension module can be used as load balancer.

I can’t see why IS would care what network equipment (load balancer, XML appliance, router, global server load balancing (gslb) device) is upstream of it so long as the request arrives intact and there is a mechanism to provide “stickiness” in the event that you are (probably unwisely) building stateful services.

There are open source load balancing modules that can be plugged into most http servers or installed into Linux or Windows-based servers.

Keep in mind, though, that any load balancing component upstream of IS should have a good HA strategy to avoid becoming a new single point of failure (SPOF).