Support for multibyte characters in WebMethod

Hi All,

I’ll like to know the support available in Web Method 5.1 and higher version for Multibyte Characters.

In that respect I’ll like to know whether

a) Web Method supports langugae specific encodings like Shift_JIS/EUC-JP for Japanese, Big-5 for Chinese etc. ?
b) Doe sit support Unicode encoding ? if yes what is the version of Unicode is supported ?



The webMethods Broker 6.1 “webMethods Broker readme.htm” file discusses Globalization in section 6.0:

To determine whether an earlier version of Broker supports the same level of globalization, refer to the readme.htm or release notes for that version. Registered customers or partners can obtain those documents, as well as any other product documentation, from the Bookshelf section on Advantage.

WM Users members using multi-byte character set versions (e.g. Japanese and Chinese) of webMethods products can comment on their experience.