Support for DOM4J ?


I’d like to use the dom4j object model
in favour of the JDOM API. Are there
plans to release a corresponding implementation
with the final release of the new TaminoAPI?

I don’t believe there is.

In the Tamino 3.1.1 release, there is no support for the DOM4J object model. However, we are currently working on an example, which outlines the usage of DOM4J as a new object model for the Tamino API for Java. We will post it in the community as soon as it is available.

We have released the DOM4J example with Tamino V3.1.1.4 (York). It is a mini tutorial, which uses DOM4J as example how to integrate a new object model into Tamino API for Java. It comes with all necessary source and class files in the …\SDK\TaminoAPI4J\examples\JavaTaminoAPIExamples.jar file and a couple of pages in the online documentation.