subscription Trigger filter Vs Flow Service Branch

Hi All,

Can any one suggest the best performance option for the following requirement.

Subscribes 4 different messages from 4 different topic using single trigger and invoke the corresponding service(four different service).

option1. Handle the filter condition in trigger and invoke the relevant service directly.

option2: invoke the Main service in trigger without any filter condition and handle relevant wrapper service inside the main service using Branch.

Can you please suggest which one is good in performance. In peek hours 2000 messages has to be processed in 5 min SLA.

Thanks in Advance


I would prefer first option.

As the evaluation of the condition will be done at messaging side resp. on the IS inbound store wiithout involving any custom flow logic.



First option is always better.
Adding lexical operator to your options will add more advantage. This does filter on messaging level rather then hitting IS which saves network traffic

%myDoc/myField% L_EQUALS myvalue

Hi Bari,

unfortunately this wont work when the published Document is using Namespace prefixes or conforms to an IDoc-Type Definition from SAP-Adapter using Attributes.

These objects are not supported by lexical filtering on Broker side and will never be.
I am not sure if UM will be able to handle these.