Submit HTML form to IS (3 input fields)

Hi all,

I made a service in which we load XML and then 3 REPLACE make some changes in it. These changes user should type in HTML form (Output template I made not through .dsp, but in service)
So we have 2 input fields, one textarea, one button. I think that mistake is in button-submit handler, but I don’t know where exactly. Could You, please, tell me how I can send these 3 parameters to IS.
I tried:
!-- new template →


Welcome To The SMS page

<td > &nbsp; SMS-Text: </td> 

<textarea style="width:300px;height:300px" name="text" value="text" style="border:none;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;color:#666699;background:none; border:1px"></textarea> 


But without any success… What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for Your help?

Sender number:  
Receiver number:

The output template, kie it name says, is for output only and evaluated if the service finishes. In order to post data to a service you need to write a dsp or jsp (or a portlet if you want to run it on MWS).

See DSP_and_Output_Template_Developers_Guide.pdf for details.

You need a multipart handler … In 6.1, you can got one from Broker admin package but this package was deprecated as of 7.xx

I did a SR to got a new one, compatible w/ 7.1 (5005492) : wM support said they don’t have this kind of stuff and I have to see with PS ; PS said they don’t have anything …

So I give it up : Now I’m using a PHP website as frontend and I’m communicating to the IS thru web services …

If you want to stay in wM word, the solution is on MWS … but personally, I’m focusing on PHP which is more versatile, powerful and flexible.



[Assuming that “xxxt:smsXML” is your target service name]

Your HTML code looks just good enough to post the three text values to an IS. You just need make sure that FORM ACTION value should be in this syntax:


If you have a save pipeline in your receiving service then you would see all three variables present in pairs of String and StringList.

Hope this helps.

Hi Suren,

Which version of the IS are you using ?



Hi Laurent ,

I use v6.5. Just curious, has this kind of HTML posting been changed in the later versions or something?


Hi Suren,

I’m running 7.1.2.

POST multipart-part html needs a multi-part content handler do be converted to pipeline objects. If you’re using wMBroker admin, you got “de facto” this handler loaded within this packaged. But it as been deprecated in 7.x. As a consequence, the only thing I got is a raw CGI encoded string (a la QUERY_STRING) … and no way to parse it.

It’s why I had to externalize to PHP.

But perhaps I missed something … if so, wM’s support did the same miss as they weren’t able to help me :proud:

Best regards,


What about me? Thanks to all. Yes, I had an invoke code, like Suuren told, but then I create .dsp file and put it on server.

Just write a simple DSP do the form submission with http://localhost:5555(server name : port)/invoke/packageName.folderName:servicename and it should work.

Hum, as said it wasn’t working 6 months back on 7.1 : so I just redo a new test as we singly patched our platform.

Before I got only a string containing http encoded result. Now, I got a filed named “contentStream” and containing an
How do you parse it ?