Struggling to configure for simple S3 put,get and delete

Can anyone offer any constructive advise. I have downloaded the S3 connector from the community and my connection is enabled. In the designer I have created a “client side” connector that references the connected S3 connector and I have created an S3 put object. I then created a simple flow service that gets a text file and passes it as stream to the S3 Rest service. Initially it failed due tot he region not being set then it claimed I was missing the x-amz-content-sha256 header which i added with a value of UNSIGNED-PAYLOAD. When re-run I then received the error Access-Denied with the message AWS authentication requires a valid Date or x-amz-date header, so I added to the header and I still get the same error…

Is there a definitive list of required headers params and expected values and how these values should be set? Any help guidance is much appreciated as this should be such an easy thing to do.

Hi Darin,

If you’ve a valid Empower account that is able to create a service request incident to Global support, suggest you to raise an incident to the support team. SAG R&D has demo package that demonstrates how to use flow service or s3 cloudstreams template services. You just need to create connection pointing towards your instance/bucket and the rest are reusable.

At the same time, I suggest you to try finding knowledgebase articles at Empower portal. I’ve written a few kBs on S3 back then.

Hi Darin,

I hope you have downloaded the latest connector Amazon S3 9.9 and using the latest supported version AWS4, also you have applied all the latest fixes for the respective IS versions. Our Amazon S3 connector is capable of requesting the put object to the amazon server. user need not to worry about the “x-amz-content-sha256” & “x-amz-date” headers. The connector will take care of all the required headers for the users. User needs not to do any kind of coding concerning these headers. As you mentioned that you are using “A client-side connector that references the connected S3 connector”, Can you please brief on this, what business use case you want to achieve. what is a client-side connector and why you are referencing it to Amazon s3 connector? why you are not using the connector directly.


Hi Darin,

PFA file for how to upload the file in Amazon S3. Please make sure that, you are following the same steps as mentioned in the attached file.
Upload Files to Amazon S3 buccket.docx (244 KB)

Thank you all, I am now able to successfully communicate files via the S3 connector. When the connector service was failing initially, the errors were investigated and the suggestions were to added additional header params such as x-amz-date and x-amz-content-sha256 etc. These have since been removed so the service is bare bones and it now works. So thank you all for your kind input and suggestions. kind regards Darin