String with a date say bDDMMMYYYYb to BrokerDate

Using WM JDBC Adapter with Oracle thin driver connecting to a table X. Inserting column Y that is of type date. What is a good way to convert my string date before I map it to the Insert Operation field of Date (BrokerDate)? Just a beginner with JAVA. Thanks in advance

Hi all
i am getting a BrokerDate object
and then getting the string of that date
and then getting the day,month and year
by parsing the string
then i am subracting the day by 1 and
creating another BrokerObject and passing the original date
and the date created by me to a operation step.
The operation step return no error message and
no values eventhough i have the records satisfying the condition !!!
What may be the problem???
it is urgent…!!!

Hi i’m not really sure about the broker date object but
the format dd-MMM-yyyy is the correct one as far as java date object goes. I think it is still not doing anything because
it doesn’t recognise the format.

Hopefully this helps.

Dave, check out my reply to your query on the Advantage website!!!