Hi Guys,

Have a question hopefully you can help. I have used the steamToString services from PSUtilities. When I used the service by linking to PSUtlities pckg then it works fine but I have copied the services from PSUtlities to my Package I am getting an error. Can’t figure out why. hmmm

I am getting this Error when the copied service is used:


I have also attached the full errorDump. Any help greatly appreciated!

errorDump.txt (3.11 KB)

After copying the java service did you compile the service,just edit with space or some thing and hit save.Also make sure you have import parameters in place since sometimes this wont get copied and manually.


something is not right… still error.

got it to work. I made a mistake. I mapped Body in PipelineIn instead of STREAM from Body in PipelineIn.

Thank You!