Strange behavior of the Process Instance Detail page

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for the webMethods BPMS Free Trial version. I have installed the code and run the LuxuryLine demo according to the “Guide to Downloading and Installing the webMethods BPMS Free Trial Version”:

After running the Event Generator for some minutes, I checked the process instances in the My webMethods Server user interface at Applications > Monitoring > Business > Process Instances. When I browsed through the process instances using the PREV/NEXT buttons on the Process Instance Detail page, I noticed the following strange behavior: The first sections (Process Instance Information, Process Stage Timeline, Process Diagram and Step Summary) are updated correctly for the previous/next instance, but the Logged Fields section is not updated. It still shows the logged fields for the first process instance displayed when I opened the page. It is also not updated when I click on the Refresh button or when I reload the page in the browser. Anything wrong in my set-up? Or is this a bug in the implementation of the Process Instance Detail page?

And by the way: Do you have any more documentation on the LuxuryLineOrder demo? Any description of the swimlanes, the process steps etc. in the process?

Thanks a lot!

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