Storing Certificates in Trading Networks

For the Transactional Banking project that I’m currently working on, the goal is to exchange data with the Bank via SOAP. The Bank has provided the certificate for use and I’m wondering if I can store this certificate in Trading Networks and retrieve it from TN as needed ?? If so, what services would I use to retrieve the Certificate from TN.

 Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided..


Hi David,

If your communication is done through soap with bank, you need to store their certificates in IS trust store.

I don’t belive TN is not needed, in case you want to log the transaction in TN you can do that

if you want to use TN for SOAP communication, yes we can do that in latest version of webMethods(8.2.x to 9.0),but it’s not proven as good pratice as of now and i am not pretty sure with those implemtations also


Just of retrieving certs configured on TN profile, you can use the services under:***

For WS, you’d better use the WS Endpoint configuration, so the trust store, key store is the way to go. Unless you want a fully customized solution.