Storing a document message to retrieve/use it later


I have a ws1 which accepts some many input attributes (id, name, and many parameters).
this WSD provider is plugged to a service (FS1) which converts the input data to a complex Document (DOC1) , makes some stuff and then returns a reply to the tiers.

Later a 2nd service flow (FS2 ) needs to execute a process using the previous DOC1 documents (or pipeline) stored somewhere.

Of course, in our context, the 2 services FS1 and FS2 can not work in a synchronous mode.

Is there any way to store the Doc1 in the ESB, to make the FS2 get it Later ?

Our first solution is to store it in a XML file on the IS File system, so the FS2 can read it and then convert it into the DOC1.
but is there a better way ? (queue… JMS… message ?)


Do you have TN? I’d think TN is ideal for this.

How would you use TN in this context please ? (I have to read this : 9-8_Trading_Networks_Users_Guide.pdf)

Do you think it is better to use TN, against some JMS queuing ? or message via UM ?

My aim is to store documents, to then reuse it later.


That’s exactly where you can use TN, store data and process it later.

JMS or UM are messaging tools, they allow information flow through, but not ideal for holding information.

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Good news,
Thanks Tong.

Do you know where I can find some examples of using ?


TN could it be used to store webMethods Document ?


of course, its main purpose is for routing/storing documents, you can store any kind of info there.
check out the TN documentation first.

Hi Tong,

Can you please help us how can we achieve this using TN. Please provide us the steps or if any document is available.



We’ve tried to use Ehcache but what about rebooting the IS or rebooting the server ?
I’ve read there is some risk of loss of data ?